[Bug] Reordering a whole folder under Playlists Section

[Bug] Reordering a whole folder under Playlists Section

Attempting to reorder a folder in Playlist section causes drag/reorder function to be disabled?


I'm trying to organize my playlists list on the sidebar and can drag and reorder single playlists just fine. However, when I attempt to drag and reorder a whole folder in the list, it initially shows the green "plus" and underline state as expected, but when I let go of the mouse the folder is not moved and stays in the original position. Afterwards, the drag/reorder function does not work anymore for both folders and playlists. I have to quit and reopen Spotify to be able to reorder only playlists again.


Using Desktop on MacOS Sierra

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Same bug with windows 10. Dragging a folder of playlists does not work. After such an attempt, no more drag and drop is possible. You have to quit and relaunch the Desktop application.


I found this alternative: http://smarterplaylists.playlistmachinery.com/maintenance.html but it's currently offline...

After today's update (, it works well.

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