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[Bug] Spotify prevents Mac from seeping when paused

[Bug] Spotify prevents Mac from seeping when paused






MacBook Pro Late 2013


Operating System

macOS Mojave 10.14.3


My Question or Issue




Unfortunately Spotify prevents my Mac from sleeping, when a song is paused.


You can reproduce this issue by issuing the following command in a Terminal:


pmset -g assertions


If Spotify is closed,  PreventUserIdleSystemSleep  will be   0.


However if Spotify is started and a song is paused,  PreventUserIdleSystemSleep will be set to 1.


This means that the Mac does not sleep, and eventually will drain your battery.


Apparently this Bug has been around since 2012:


but has not been adressed ever since. Please fix this.


This is also not an OS problem: iTunes handles this correctly! If a song is paused, the Mac will be able to sleep!






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I've had the exact same problem for the last years. Spotify has done nothing to fix this problem (not even a reply from support) since 2012 as you point out.


It's easiest to detect by starting Activity Monitor, and check the Energy tab. Whenever this problem occurs, Spotify is listed with a Yes in the Prevent Sleep column even when paused! Normally, that status is cleared after a while, but it appears in certain situations the setting is not disabled (which would be the bug).

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 21.34.53.png

I made a little tutorial about how to fix this:

What else interesting can be done with sleepwatcher?

This is a very annoying issue ! Please fix. I often close my laptop, put it in my bag, then  when I arrive home it's still up and super hot.

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