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Bug and workaround for adding songs to playlists in Spotify Mac

Bug and workaround for adding songs to playlists in Spotify Mac

Since an update to Spotify Mac, I cannot add a song to any of my playlists after starting Spotify. The song drags, but no playlist will activate under it while dragging, and releasing it over a playlist will not add the song. This happens whether dragging from the search pane, or from the album art with a song playing. Logging out and back in does not help. Re-installing Spotify Mac does not help.


The workaround: Actually visit the playlist you want to add to, then come back to your search results. You'll be able to add the song to the visited playlist (but not to playlists not yet visited).


Spotify, this is pretty basic functionality that should have been thoroughly tested; please fix this soon.


PS: Enough with the obnoxious graphical reCAPTCHAs! I had to go through a half dozen street sign identifications. If you need labor to do classifications, pay someone to do it via Amazon Turk! Jeez!

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