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I agree with you, but they are trying to phase out CDs. And get up with the rest of the world and make everything electronic.


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You can take your smug "actually" and GFY. YOU are incorrect, Period. I synced all my songs to my iPod classic. What now petey?!!!

You missed my point entirely. If I am paying a premium for a service I expect premium service. CD's are an antiquated platform anyways! Let the people have their CD's! Figure out a song coding solution or something! Make it difficult and that will inherently solve the problem. Limit the CD burning to 10 songs a month THEN CHARGE $10 / month for the PREMIUM cd burning account. Whatever you do stop adding "actually" at the end of your weak sophomoric arguments.

Thanks for playin pete. I'm now having an even worse Spotify experience.

Look at it like this - Spotify allows you to listen to music that you do not own. If you want to own the music that you listen to you have to buy it. The premium account gives you some advantages compared to the free account but if you do not want the extra features I guess you should stop paying. Next time you pay for a service maybe you should check what that service is instead of going mental about it not being what you want.

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I have premium Spotify and I want to be able to burn CD's of the songs I download as playlists. I will pay to purchase these songs so I can do that but do not know how to do that. Please explain the process so I can burn CD's and take them to work or play in the car.

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What you are looking for is a feature that is not available in Spotify, nor will it be, nor should it be. 


I believe you're in search of an easy one- or two-step process to burn a music CD from a playlist in Spotify. No such process exists, so you will  have to purchase your music elsewhere, such as iTunes, Google Play store, Amazon, Beatport...anywhere the music is available. 


Then you will have to assemble your playlist using your purchased music in another program, like iTunes or Media Monkey or Windows Media Player. All three of those programs have a feature to burn a CD from a playlist. I know, because I've used all of them. I learned that by just using the programs. When I didn't know how to do something, I searched for the answer online and always found it. I did not post in an unrelated forum asking for somebody to do the work for me. 


I'll get you started: Click here.

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You did used to be able to buy content directly in Spotify but that option was removed a few years ago.

Unfortunately if you want downloads to use/burn outside of Spotify you need to find an alternative source.

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exactly.. i work construction and o have a signal every where i work.. so im paying to just skip songs i done wanna hear at the time and no commericals? thas what im paying for?


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yes, piracy! thank you!

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if you have spotify premium you can just turn on offline mode and listen to it anywhere, even the middle of the woods (i've done that myself before)

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No, you can't. 
I tried this. I actually tried this, like I was in the middle of the friekin’ woods and I lost internet connection on my phone.

So I switched on Offline Mode. Problem is, it needs an internet connection to download the songs to your phone, so it kinda defeats the purpose a little bit. You need to anticipate not having an internet connection in advance for it to be of any use.


The CD Burning issue is a valid point.

My smart phone only has a 16GB storage limit. After the OS, apps, photo and video data, there is extremely little space left for downloaded songs. No matter what way you cut it, there is an over and above cost of using Spotify, by either paying more for a mobile device with a larger data capacity, or staying in range of an internet connection and paying for the extra bandwidth usage.


Over my 30 years on this planet I have amassed a respectable CD collection. I can listen to any of those CD's an unlimited amount of times. Even if i snapped them all in half, the fact that I purchased and own them means I am perfectly within my rights to listen to a digital copy.

If instead of buying CD's, I spent money on Spotify for 30 years, and then fell on hard times and couldn’t afford the luxury, that’s it, poof, all my music gone in the blink of an eye.


I appreciate the innovative model of the system, but there is a BIG problem with it, in that years down the road, you NEVER EVER own what you pay for. The moment you quit the subscription, you lose everything.


I was excited about this service until I found out about the inability to burn CD's to play in my car.

There is no other way I can use the service, so it's useless to me, not to mention a little morally ambiguous from a consumer standpoint.