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Are there any plans to fix this issue in the future?

Perhaps a loyalty points system whereby your subscription fee earns you Spotify credit, which can eventually be redeemed for the permanent keeping of an album?

A system like this might encourage me to remain a premium member, despite its limited functionality 'on the go', if I know that someday I might not lose all the music I’m listening to.

Just a constructive suggestion.

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This is the world we live in. You have to plan ahead in anticipation of
modern technology's shortfalls. Unless you have cell service you can use,
then you'll have to plan ahead for the times you'll be away from wi-fi.

Like you, I have a massive amount of CD's, as well as vinyl, cassette's,
and even a few 8-tracks.I've burned what I can into my digital collection,
where I've been adding new purchases since abandoning physical media a
couple years ago.

I've supplemented my collection with the Spotify service because I simply
cannot afford to buy all the music I want to buy, and I especially
appreciate the reduction in the "oops" albums I would buy at full price,
then later sell off for a ten cents when I admitted that I didn't actually
like it.

So I feel you, and in many ways I get your situation. However, you are not
comparing apples to apples.

You aren't allowed to burn physical media from Spotify's library because
that is not part of the terms of service. You're essentially renting access
to their library, which has a completely different set of usage rights than
you'd have by purchasing that music from iTunes or a record store. You
aren't purchasing anything permanent, and this is not a rent-to-own model
service. You retain access for exactly as long as you decide to pay for

It's also a little unreasonable to expect Spotify to accommodate the
shortcomings of your personal technologies. Regardless of the service you
use to store music on your device, it's all going to take up a lot of
space, no matter how much you compress it. Maybe you can't store a lot of
music along with the apps, photos, etc on your current phone, but when you
go for your next upgrade, you will want to factor this into your future
purchasing choices. Get something with more storage, or expandable storage,
because e. Same with your car. Either have a 3.5mm jack or Bluetooth
received installed, or just plan on making sure that feature is part of
your next vehicle's audio system.

It's the same planning for using Offline Mode with Spotify. You need to
anticipate and plan ahead for when you might not have access to wi-fi.
Plain and simple, that's your responsibility and not that of your music
software. Is there any other app that offers wifi-dependent
scenario-prediction services as a feature?

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I agree this is CRAP, I have premium and just discovered I need buy software ($50) to enable burn to CD - a laborious task - Spotify is indeed a SHAM - CANCEL CANCEL!!

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nothing wrong with that about going new generation and everything digital but.. Cd;s have always put alot better sound out than bluetooth  if u havnt noticed

@BryanHook wrote:

If you really want to play the songs in your car there are two options both of which require you to use offline mode and your phone or ipod. One requires a cd player that accepts aux plugins, the other is what I use, a short wave fm radio transmitter that plays your phones audio through your radio using short wave frquencies. If you're still complaining about not being able to use a cd, wake up the world is going digital you'll have to cope.


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You sound like an absolute bighead, don't tell me to wake up, I was'nt asking any one anything, don't know how you got hold of this anyway, aren't you surprised to hear that people are buying vinyl records, maybe they just woke up Ah, or perhaps they never slept.

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That was a tough reply..."wake up the world is going digital"...I teach fitness and Beachbody provides me with CDs of new music every two months. Not sure why they use CDs but they do and I need the music. So it is NOT me who needs to wake up. Some of us are stuck with CDs and now I am super annoyed that Spotify cannot help me. Wake up Spotify I say. If iTunes can do it...then the competition should wake up. Now enough of being not so nice. I do apprecaite this forum and your suggestions. Be kind we only have each other...

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Why do you need a CD when all that you have to do is play your Android device etc. in the car and use Bluetooth to play your music through the car stereo. Simple!

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I was born in 71' so am currently 44 now,I've seen the end of vinyl,cassette.however...cd's are still very important as many people like to have a physical collection of thier music & cd's at least the best of old platforms to operate.ie,skip tracks...choose a track number etc.many cars and homes have CD players and multi CD players.what better than compiling a 6x cd music compilation and hittin 'shuffle'.and remind u once again that people like to have that physical thing they can collect.cheers.


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Sorry....forgot to add....can't u simply use the headphone socket(eg..on ure iPhone)as a stereo output (which is what it is) and on the other end of lead from headphone socket use a 2x phono connection which plugs str8 into ure 'aux' or any other 2xphono input on ure amplifier or computer perhaps(u know...the red and white connectors u see with hifi equip')...of course u would need a cd recorder/player connected to ure hifi amp.!?