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HELP!! i upgraded my spotify to the latest and now i can't delete my local files or add local files to my spotify!!! really annoyng 😠 


it's pulling songs from everywhere on my computer, i've gone into preferences and ticked only where i want the local files to come from but when i do that, it duplicates all the tracks in the local files and i can't delete them!!!


ALSOOOOO my phone doesn't sync to the desktop spotify to actually sync the local files!!!


this is incredibly irritating i'm actually thinking of deleting spotify account because i cannot use it properly anymore!


help me fix this please!

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Not sure what is causing the local files problem, but I think I know why your phone isn't showing up.


The devices section will be coming back in a future update.


In the meantime:

You won't be able to see an indication in the desktop client that the device is paired with the desktop client. But as long as they both are on the same WiFi network you should be able to trigger the local files sync by toggling the offline toggle on the playlist on your device. Just make sure that the local files are in a playlist of their own so that this will work.

MattSudaSpotify Star
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I have the same problem : can't delete any of my local files anymore....

okay i will give this a go!

thank you

do you know anything about why we can't delete local files anymore from desktop?? 

I am also unable to delete local files at all, or add them in the manner I used to.

STILL NOT FIXED !! When will the update be availible??????

Still can't delete songs from Local Files. Why is this taking forever to fix?! Haven't used the service in a month because of this.

Stop looking  the answer is: stay away  from  Spotify.

Their technical  people  will always win the fight for your 10 euro per month. 

 Following  a takeover  or shutdownn you're left with some empty playlists.

I'm not sure if anyone has had any further problems with their local files or not. But what I found helpful was instead of deleting them so that they play (which is honestly stupid they should play regardless of being local or not), but if you go into your account settings on the client and just turn EVERYthING OFF under Local File (to include iTunes and Windows Media) your music should play just as if it was deleted from Spotify.


Hopes this helps future users as I've come to notice Spotify never put the option to remove files back after their update. 

It worked! Thank you!

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