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Can iTunes Local Library Files Be Played Via Amazon Alexa?

Can iTunes Local Library Files Be Played Via Amazon Alexa?

My goal is to get Spotify you play tracks in my desktop's local iTunes library via Amazon Alexa voice commands.


I subscribed to a Premium account last year because I heard Spotify could link to my local iTunes library. After linking the iTunes library I was told local iTunes files could NOT be controlled via Alexa voice commands, so I let my account expire.


Now I've heard that the probelm has been fixed and Alexa can control the local library files. Can anyone confirm this? Spotify won't reply to to my email requests. Thanks.

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I am trying to play my local mp3 files through Spotify via my Amazon Echo and Echo Dot's so that I get the music through my whole apartment and it doesn't work. If I play local mp3's from my pc files on Spotify, it will only play through my desktop speakers. Very lame. I would imagine that this would also be how it handles local iTunes libraries. It is frustrating that something so simple doesn't seem to be possible. 

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It is currently not possible to play local files via Spotify Connect on another device. As the name suggest these files are stored locally on a device instead of in the cloud on the Spotify servers. If such files are to be played on a different device, there needs to be a direct data connection, such as bluetooth, between the two for the audio data of the file to be sent and received.



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