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Can only play playlists, albums not working

Can only play playlists, albums not working







MacBook Air Early 2015

Operating System

macOS Catalina version 10.15.6


My Question or Issue

Spotify App only now plays playlists, very occasionally it will play the odd album, but only the first track, Most albums will not play at all and pressing play brings nothing up on the screen.

41 Replies

Hello. I still have the same problem described above.
In addition to the problems described above, it is also not possible to connect to another Spotify device (tablet, mobile phone). Everything works flawlessly on Android devices.
I don't use VPN, OS is Win 10 updated. The problem persists even with Defender turned off. Spotify is correctly in the firewall exceptions. Spotify in the web interface (Chrome) works without problems. I've tried double logout. I also did a clean install following the steps in the thread.

If I add any found album to my favorites and immediately remove it, it plays. To restart Spotify. However, it does not solve the problem of not being able to connect to the other device with Spotify.

So what now?

Hey @61medved,


The issue you're describing was investigated in the Ongoing Issues thread previously mentioned by @Lyubka, however, our tech folks weren't able to confirm that this behavior was directly caused by Spotify. You'll find a few solutions that worked for some users listed in the Status update, as well as in the comments, so I'd recommend trying all of them out as they may help in your case.


If you have any feedback on this, feel free to share it in the Ongoing Issues thread. I'll now be locking this one from further replies as to keep the information in one place.


The Community is always here if anything else comes up.

Take care.

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