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Can't Scroll Down in the Spotify App?

Can't Scroll Down in the Spotify App?

It's not a problem with the down button on my keyboard, as all other apps and websites are working. However, I can't scroll down when on the app to see the rest of a playlist, see other albums on an artist's page, etc. It's very annoying, I've restarted the app multiple times but there was no change. This has been going on for a few days now.

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I’d recommend you wait for the next update and use the web version as an alternative.

Thank you and please mark as solved.

i have a solution just double tap a song and u would be able to scrolll down


That's hardly a resolution! 

The same problem in High Sierra.  I hope this gets resolved


i can't scroll down on my mac spofity. annoyed. super annoyed.

This is so fantastically annoying. It's been driving me insane for weeks, and now I can't synch local files because I can't scroll down to that portion of "Settings." Please fix this asap - I can't do what I want to do with the service without this.

Any updates on this? I can't see half of my profile. As a premium user, this shouldn't be a problem to deal with! 

DISCOVERY: the f***wit designers at Spotify have apprently designed the Mac app so you can scroll ... with TWO fingers. Try it... a bit like zooming in and out on goole.maps with two fingers. There should be a hint somewhere ... it should be obvious, easy and intuitive how you SCROLL ffs. 

This function is not at ALL obvious and I discovered it completely by accident after almist throwing my laptop across the room (not really)... End of rant. 



This is something that needs to be made clear because it is the opposite of intuitive and is not in any way obvious. Other apps may use this scrolling function in this way but they also either a) instruct users to do this or b) still scroll while using directional buttons on the keyboard. Not informing people of this and leaving it for us to just figure out (I have been checking back on this site for about a month now waiting for a solution) is a big fat customer service fail.

I’m having the same issue. I’ve looked for updates on the app as well and nothing. Very, very annoying indeed. 

thanks a lot! scrolling with two fingers worked!


I'm glad ... I was immensely frustrated until I discovered the trick...
Rock on 🤘

**bleep** it works 

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