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Can't add multiple tracks to playlist... well most of the time

Can't add multiple tracks to playlist... well most of the time






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Ok, ive made tons of playlists on this computer in the past but this is the first time ive noticed this issue and its incredibly aggrivating, I select multiple tracks and go to drag them to the playlist i want to add them to which has in the past let me add all of them but which now just either doesnt or opens the playlist and even when still placing them between songs on the playlist does not move them.  Now I mean most of the time because I've been able to add one and rarely two tracks at a time by dragging and waiting for a second until a green plus is by my cursor but it is totally inconsistent and often opens the playlist which doesnt let me add songs.  Also of great annoyance, as I had usually in the past just selected multiple tracks and then command clicked add to playlist to add them all, now it just adds the one I just clicked on.  This is really annoying, plz what the hack fix this.

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Hey @jameshumel.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this on the Community! We'll be glad to help.


I know this sounds obvious, but would you mind performing a clean reinstall by following the steps outlined here? This can solve many common problems that our users experience, including this one.


If that doesn't work, could you provide us with your Spotify app version? You can find this in the three-dots menu (top-left corner) > Help > About Spotify.


We'll be looking out for your reply! 

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