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Can't connect to Facebook to find friends

Can't connect to Facebook to find friends






Macbook Pro 2017

Operating System

OS 10.14


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I recently deleted my old Spotify account because I'd created it through Facebook. I made a new one and attempted to reconnect my FB friends, but no friends will load when I tried to connect my FB account. Initially, it connected, but told me I had 0 friends on Spotify. Since I knew that was untrue, I troubleshooted. I tried many things. I removed the app from Facebook, deleted the Spotify app from my computer, and even restarted my computer. After all of that, when I connected through Facebook, it wouldn't get past the loading stage (where it tries to populate the list of friends using Spotify). I tried connecting via my iPhone, but it after clicking "Connect to Facebook" and confirming my FB login, it returned me to the "Connect to Facebook" step without connecting.

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