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Can't drag song from "Now Playing" in Queue to a playlist

Can't drag song from "Now Playing" in Queue to a playlist

If you're looking at your play queue and try to drag the *Now Playing* song to a playlist, the cursor just says "0 items". You can still click the "..." on the song to add it to a playlist, but dragging should work too. Experienced in on macOS Sierra 10.12.6.

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I've had the exact same problem on both a Macbook Pro, Sierra 10.12.6 (at work), and on a Windows 10 machine (at home).  I'm not sure when it started, but it wasn't too long ago (in the last month or so).  Because I absolutely know that this worked recently.  I haven't seen any "fix" for it, but I have found a mildly-annoying workaround for it:


Flip over to the "History" tab (right next to the "Queue" tab that you're currently working from).  Obviously, this shows you a list of all the songs that you've recently listened to, in reverse chronological order.  Every time a song finishes playing (or after you skip past it), it gets put on top of the stack in the History tab.  I can still-drag-and-drop the tracks from the History tab onto my playlists.  


This isn't really a great solution, because you're constantly trying to drag/manage the last song that you just listened to.  It's much better to be able to simply drag-and-drop the current song that you're listening to in the Play Queue.  But my experience with Spotify is that they either A) won't fix their bugs for months or years, or B) they will flat-out refuse to acknowledge that there's any problem whatsoever.  So I may need to be using the drag-it-from-the-History-tab for a while...

Same issue.


Why can't I mark your post as "I have this problem too"? Did Spotify (quietly) close this issue (like they did to another)?

Same problem. Very annoyed by it. Adding songs when continuously listening is annoyingly and unnecessarily cumbersome because of this. Hope they fix it...

Hey folks,


Thanks for raising this on the Community, and apologies for the delay!


You will find the answer that you are looking for by heading over to this thread.


Hope that helps! Stay awesome 🙂

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