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Can't filter Playlists when adding a song.


Can't filter Playlists when adding a song.

Hi there!


So my Spotify for Desktop app (Mac) just updated to the new version (, and i'm having a problem when adding songs to one of my playlists. I use to be able to right-click on a song that was playing, go to "Add to Playlist," and as i'm hovering over my existing playlists, I could start typing on my keyboard and it would filter to what I was typing. This was working just a few minutes ago on an older version of Spotify, and after I restarted the app to update, that feature won't work for me anymore. Please fix this as I have many playlists, and it's hard to scroll through and find the one I'm looking for by eye.


Thank You!


I have the Spotify Paid Family Plan and am listening with the desktop app on a Mac OS Mojave.



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Yes, it looks like this feature is finally back! I very much missed it. Working on version for MacOS

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Same here. I may have a slightly different issue, but it is not a fun experience to visually sort through playlist covers every time I want to add a song to a playlists.


I used to be able to just right click, click "Add To Playlist", and tap one of my playlists in a dropdown menu before the latest updating my Spotify client.

Hey @lilruggedboy and @oelhiraika


Thanks for posting on the Community about this. 

Could you confirm if you still experience issues with your playlists after running a clean reinstall of the Spotify app? This will remove corrupted data from previous installations that could be interfering with the updated app. 


If you see no difference after the clean reinstall, send us a screenshot of how this looks on your end. Just attach the image to your next response to us by using the Insert Photos option in the post editor and we'll take a closer look at the issue.


Looking forward to your reply. Enjoy your day! 

Hey Ivan!


That solution actually worked for me! After following your instructions and having to re-login to the app, the feature seems to work again. My only comment, is I would caution informing users (under the Mac instructions) on step #9 to "delete all files that appear." When I searched for Spotify and used the "Library" filter, it brought up a bunch of saved iMessages and other files that didn't pertain to the Spotify app. I actually skipped this step as it didn't look like there was anything in the search results that were associated with Spotify. Regardless, following the other steps worked. Thank You!

Hey @lilruggedboy


Thanks for getting back.


We're happy to hear the clean reinstall fixed this for you. 


We've also made sure to pass your feedback about the help page to the right folks so they could have a look. 


Give us a shout if you experience this again - we're always here to help.


Еnjoy your music!

I'm having the same issue, and a clean reinstall did not fix the issue. Any other ideas? I'm on Windows 10.

Screenshot 2021-04-18 002458.png

Hey @nyarasha,


Thanks for posting here 🙂


In case you're using the app version from our website, you can also try downloading Spotify from the Microsoft store. Are there any changes?


If nothing changes, could share with us the exact Spotify version that is running on your PC? 


You can also send us a video recording of what you're seeing. We'll look into this further.


Keep us in the loop! We'll be right here if you have any questions.

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@Ver Thanks, I've tried both the version from and from the Microsoft Store. The latest install I have is from the Microsoft Store, version


I've recorded a video of me playing a song, then trying to add that song to a list by hovering over my playlists and typing. This used to work fine a month or so ago, but now, nothing I type filters the lists. You can see for the second song that typing a space caused the playback to pause instead of searching the playlists for one with a space character in it.

This issue actually came back for me. A second clean install didn't work. I can't filter through my playlists when adding a song to them. I see the same thing that nyarasha sees.

Hey folks,


Thanks for keeping in touch and for the extra info.


We've reported this to the right teams and we'll keep you posted on any updates about it as soon as there are any. In the meantime, we recommend to share your comments in this thread, which is constantly being monitored by the right teams in order to collect all your feedback, as it helps us improve the app.


Apologies for any inconvenience.


If you have any questions or need anything else, give us a shout.



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Reinstalling does not help. I can't believe Spotify removed such an important feature for power users. I should not have to scroll through my hundreds of playlists when adding new items, ESPECIALLY when the desktop app used to allow filtering playlists when adding new items to them.  Why would you add this feature to mobile, but remove from the desktop app? Incredible.

Can you please reopen this issue since there is no workable solution currently? This is hampering my ability to use playlists since I have way too may to visually sort through on the desktop app. Thanks.

Circling back to this. Can we re-open this ticket? The original solve didn't fix my problem and I still can't filter playlists when adding songs to a Playlist. I'm using Spotify for macOS (Intel) and have tried resetting my Spotify again by deleting the cache and Application Support data. I'm using Mac OS Monterey 12.2.1

Just updated to Spotify for macOS (Intel) and am still experiencing the issue.

Agreed, I am also still experiencing this issue and it's very limiting and causing me to use the app less. Please reopen this ticket.

I'm experiencing this issue both on Windows 10 and Mac OS Monterey 12.1

Spotify for macOS (Intel)

This feature has finally been restored to the desktop version, huzzah! Please don't remove anymore vital features from the desktop version, thank you 🙂

Marked as solution

Yes, it looks like this feature is finally back! I very much missed it. Working on version for MacOS

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