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Can't find "My Songs" in Spotify for desktop

Can't find "My Songs" in Spotify for desktop






iPhone 8, MAC 

Operating System

iOS 10


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I've been having problems with Spotify Desktop for Mac, I haven't been able to hear to my song due to the fact I can't find them. When I enter to "My Songs" they are not there and when I doble click it, it only reproduces 3 songs and that's all; but I can't find the complete list. 

I already erase the app and installed it again like 5 times and the problem remains. 

I have this problem for 4-5 months now. 

Captura de pantalla 2019-03-17 a la(s) 12.06.48 a.m..png
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Hi There,

If you go onto settings by clicking on the arrow next to your profile. Then scroll down to local files and make sure it is turned on. Also, make sure that you add the correct source where the files are stored.


Hope this helps!

Hey @LoRomero, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!


Was this section populated with songs before?

If so, could you try signing in another device to see if that helps?

Thanks 🙂

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