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Can't install Spotify on MacBook Pro

Can't install Spotify on MacBook Pro



I've just switched laptops to a MacBook Pro and can't download spotify. I've tried to download the mac version and it downloads as 'unconfirmed862551 crdownload. I've then tried the one for windows - this downloads as spotify.installer exe without the spotify logo - but when I move it to applications, nothing happens. Any ideas what I can do? Tks, 

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It sounds like a downloading issue rather than a Spotify one. Are you using google chrome by any chance? Normally when a download is complete it removes the .crdownload file type and replaces the file with its correct name. 

Can you try downloading it again using Safari?



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i have tried use safari and it still won't download. It says that it is installing and never finishs. Is there a way to fix this?


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