Can't play song when changing audio device


Can't play song when changing audio device

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Brief description of the issue:

Whenever I change the output device on my Mac, I cannot play any more songs on Spotify. I have to restart Spotify after the new output device is selected to be able to play songs again.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Start Spotify
  2. Play a song
  3. Pause song
  4. Connect to Bluetooth or Airplay audio device.
  5. Change the output device Multiple methods exists, I alt+click on my sound icon in the menubar and select another output device (see screenshot).
  6. Resume song in Spotify

Expected result:

Spotify resumes the song it was playing before the change of output device.


Actual result:

Spotify moves the progress bar of the song without producing sound. After 2-3 seconds the message "Can't play current song" appears at the top. Changing songs or hitting play/pause has no effect. I have to restart Spotify to listen to music again.

What steps you’ve tried already:

  • Reinstalled Spotify
  • Chose different output devices, both bluetooth and Airplay


  • Macbook Pro 15 inch Mid 2009 OSX 10.11.6
  • Spotify Premium Family
  • Spotify version
Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 14.21.37.png
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Re: Can't play song when changing audio device



First of all, I really like the way you organized your question into understandable parts. Second, I'm cerain it is a bug in the system that needs to be looked at. Unfortunatley youll need to continue restarting until someone of a higher understanding of this problem answers. 

 best of luck 🙂

Re: Can't play song when changing audio device

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Any pointers on how I can attract the attention of "someone of a higher understanding"? This problem is also reported in 2016 (!) for Windows, so it would probably be very much appreaciated if it would be fixed.


Re: Can't play song when changing audio device

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Spotify support is not really helpful and only suggests general "troubleshooting solutions".

In a 16 message long e-mail thread spanning 6 weeks the following unhelpful suggestions were made by Spotify support (my comments are in italic; spoiler: no suggestions solved the issue):


  • Update OS software
  • Turn off High Quality streaming
  • Close any other apps I am not using (suggested twice)
  • Restart my devices
  • Restart my WiFi (suggested twice)
  • Try a different WiFi connection (suggested twice)
  • Try using their test account (username: cs_test_1)
  • Check if this happens on a different device
  • Have the Bluetooth device (the intended output device) close to the music device but away from personal computers (what?), microwave ovens and WiFi routers
  • Check if Bluetooth device (the intended output device) has sufficient power
  • Forget the Bluetooth device and reconnect
  • Set the Bluetooth devices as the default output device
  • Close Spotify while establishing Bluetooth connection (this is litterally the issue I want to solve)
  • Use Spotify Connect to playback music


I found that using the Spotify web player works around the issue. I.e.: one can play music and switch audio devices without having to restart the web player. Pausing the music is necessary though.