Can't play that track


Can't play that track

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Cannot play track, error disappears before I can even read it.  I'm not premium, HQ streaming is not checked, uninstalled and reinstalled, still same problem. Was working fine last night.  The only song this seems to affect at the moment is "I Was Made For Loving You" by Tori Kelly and Ed Sheeran.  I am not allowing unavailable tracks to show so I'm assuming its available to play.

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Re: Can't play that track

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Hi @user-removed!


First of all, this can be an internet connection issue. You can try these:

  • Restart your router if you use one
  • Restart the device that connects you to the internet (Wi-Fi or ethernet)
  • Check if your internet connection is fast enough
  • Check if Spotify can use it. Other apps might suck all the internet speed. Or, Firewall might not allow it.

Then, if it didn't fix try this:

  1. Restart your Spotify. If it didn't fix again, do the next one.
  2. Log-out and log back in. Didn't fix yet?
  3. Try a clean reinstall. It fixes most problems. You should follow the guide in the link correctly. 


Issue still not fixed? Just reply :) Hope this helps :)


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