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Can't play this content while connected to another device

Can't play this content while connected to another device

Hey there,


I've seen multpile posts similar to this but can't find the right answer to my problem. After struggling and fideling around for 30 minutes I finally managed to get a song from my local library downloaded onto my phone, up until now all good. The issue is my home speaker is a Sonos setup, so a Wifi setup, no bluetooth or aux connection possible and whenever I try and play the song I added from my local files it says "Can't play this content whule connected to another device" any help on the matter would be great !


Thanks in advance


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Hey @Ojiz, welcome to the community!


Could you send us your device's make and model, OS, and Spotify version numbers?


After syncing your local files to your mobile device, you should be able to cast them using Connect.


If you haven't tried yet, I suggest restarting your phone before testing it again. You can also try using a different WiFi signal if possible.


Keep us posted.

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