Can't seem to get rid of "sponsored" banner on Browse page

Can't seem to get rid of "sponsored" banner on Browse page



When I opened up Spotify there was a huge banner advertising Post Malone with the small letters saying it was sponsored content. I'm a premium subscriber so why am I still getting an advert. I've attached a file to show what I mean. There seems to be nothing in settings to turn it off and "show announcements about new music" is turned off.

Any way of getting rid of it, I'm paying premium and don't want to see any sponsored content

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 09.41.42.png
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I think it was just a glitch, after logging out then logging in again the banner doesn't show up anymore.


Glad to see your problem has been resolved, but for future reference that's a feature you can turn off in the app preferences. Just uncheck the 'Show announcements about new releases' option.




this is still a thing and turning this option off does not help. you have to log out and in back.

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