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Can't sign in to Spotify. Error Code: 22. Version

Can't sign in to Spotify. Error Code: 22. Version

Running on OS X Mavericks. I went to go do something and I came back to my computer and my spotify was logged out and I can't seem to log back in. Is there any sort of backend update that happened recently that would cause this? I would switch to the web player but the audio cuts out after about 10 seconds so I can't use it. I've tried changing settings to select 'No Proxy' but it doesn't seem to do anything.

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I saw the comments and installed the 1.1.59 version which works. The gui looks worse than 1.0.90, but looks simpler than the latest 1.2.x version. But Spotify deleted my offline files. About 27GB.

I really hate this non-simple gui. This kind of graphical ui is not necessary at all to listen to music.
In addition, even with offline downloads, the 15-20 percent cpu usage when a song skips to the next song makes me want to delete spotify right now.

Spotify is trying to get people to stop using the old desktop app, so they have logged everyone out. To solve this, I deleted the app from my Mac and redownloaded the new app. Works perfectly for me now. 

Same issue.
Was able to solve it by re-installing it after someone mentioned it here. 
The new app is horrible. Might end up switching service after this...

spotify is still broken after they messed with the login procedure yesterday.  When I login it claims the app is only for Premium users eventhough I am a Premium user.    Broken on purpose I believe.

Hey there folks,


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community.


We understand your frustration and we'd like to explain a bit more of what's happening here.


At Spotify, we are always working to provide our users with the best possible listening experience. We continuously encourage users to use the latest version of our app as it contains the newest features and bug fixes.


To pave the way for a broader and better user experience, we have shut down Spotify desktop application versions that have been released before April 2021. That’s why customers who have been using an app version released before then will lose their access to the app after the sunset.


Older versions of the app often have broken or missing features due to their old interface, which cannot support the latest Spotify experience. In addition some of these old apps have security vulnerabilities associated with underlying older technologies. These vulnerabilities are not available on the latest versions of the app and can only be eliminated by shutting down services built with older technologies.


If you own a computer (Mac or Windows) with a version of Spotify app older than 1.1.59, then you should try to update the app to the latest version to keep enjoying Spotify, we have instructions on this support page to help you. We recommend making sure that your Operating System is updated to the latest version first. 

In the meantime, you can also enjoy your favorite music and podcasts through the Spotify Web Player.


Lastly, don't worry - your account is still active and no changes will be made to your playlists, play history or preferences.


Hope this clears things up.

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since yesterday spotify premium is not working neighter on my office pc (windows 7 64 bit) and home pc (windows 7 32 bit) 

I have disabled all the firewalls - the account is working on my iphone and ipad so it is still working

The actual app on the site is just for win 10


Can you please tell me what to do ? I am paying the app and cannot use it!


Screenshot 2023-05-17 09.36.43.png

En Mac OS 10.10.5 funcionaba correctamente hasta ayer, día 17-05-2023. Ahora cada vez que intento hacer login me indica el error 22 junto con el mensaje "Esta app está restringida solo a usuarios Premium". He solicitado ayuda a soporte técnico de spotify, pero no parecían tener idea de que estaba pasando.

After a reinstall  the Windows App authenticated through the browser

I don't want to use the heavy, ugly GUI of the latest version. It consumes a lot of my laptop's cpu resources.
If someone finds a way to use the old version please post it.

We just want the old UI from the old versions (or most of us do at least) thats why people used older versions. because new versions have a truly AWFUL UX that just baffles me. Why you wont just revert back or at least offer a "classic mode" is pushing me away as a customer because I prefer a more compact and efficient layout compared to your current layout which fits like 2 songs on the screen

I understand wanting to shutdown old apps, I knew this was going to happen at some point. However, the web player is completely broken for me and I know others as well, so I wouldn’t call it a solution ( It feels a bit disappointing to shutoff these older apps when we have no other option to install new ones (I understand shutting them off on windows 10).

Had the same issue. After updating from 1: to it is working again


What about Linux app, labor of love, as called here -- ?

Last Linux client with working keyboard was 1.1.26, and request to fix that wasn't followed for 2 years:

And now you remove this possibility to use sane desktop client altogether 😞

This sucks.

What I've wrote:
"It looks like you hate your customers, but I understand this new algorithms for adverts, better protection against customers getting music. Stake holders over customers that's normal. Customers are products.


How did you improve listening experience? Tell us please."


I've installed spotify 1: via AUR for Arch linux. It's working OK. This version is not that bad. At least I can remove cache and change the path of it. Good work.

Customers aren't products, when they pay. Or, at least, this is how I thought it works 😞 Or is it like we both pay and we are products?

You have to uninstall and reinstall the app

HI everyone, it happened yesterday the same at me. I assume that depends by the end of free listening /scheduled for 16.5.2023) with the app for desktop. I have subscribed the premium listening but it still doesn't works on my desktop: error 22. I tried to update the app for desktop but doesn't work for my mac OSx 10.10.5.


La gente que no pueda descargar una versión que haya salido en 2021 o posteriormente debido a la compatibilidad con su sitema operativo no puede utilizar más el servicio en versión de aplicación de escritorio?


En la web oficial te permiten descargar instaladores antiguos a pesar de no tener más soporte. Esta situación va a ser temporal? O debería buscar una alternativa a Spotify?

The 2nd code error is: auth2  I think it depends to migration from free user to premium user and it works only with web app and android app, not with desktop app. DAMN

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