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Can't sort my list desktop spotify firefox (mac) so can't rearrange songs in my list

Can't sort my list desktop spotify firefox (mac) so can't rearrange songs in my list

I've looked at numerous solutions by other peeps regarding moving around songs in playlists.


My problem is that I can't sort anything at all.  I'm not using the Spotify app (it crashes on my mac), so I am using the web interface to listen to music, using Firefox. 


Here's what I tried:


double-clicking on a track in order to re-order it

double-clicking on a header to 'de-select' it

double-clicking anywhere

force-dragging songs


nothing works.


I know I must be missing something really obvious, but it's not obvious to me.  Can anyone help?  Thanks!

1 Reply

Hey @airbetty 


Let me start by welcoming you aboard the community!


We're afraid that it's not currently possible to sort the songs in searches and playlists on the web player. However, we'd love it if you added your Kudos to THIS idea. In regards to the crashing that you're experiencing on the desktop app, we may be able to help.


Have you tried reinstalling the app, making sure to delete the Spotify Application support file in the Macs Library? Find instructions on how to do this here! Make sure to choose 'Mac' from the options. How's that help?

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