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Can't sort search results?

Can't sort search results?






Macbook Pro late 2016

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(OS 11.1)


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Hmm, seems this was a feature black in 2014 but why on Earth can I NOT sort my search results? Screenshot attached, and no, no green arrows pop-up upon hovering over the column titles… Am I missing something here? Thanks!

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Hey @Moksha21,


Thanks for reaching out.


Currently there isn't a way to sort search results, however we're always aiming to improve. The Idea Exchange is best way for us to keep track how popular a certain request - users can upvote it and share feedback on how they would like something implemented. We'd recommend you take a look in our Idea Exchange and see if someone has already submitted an idea for this feature to be added  and if not post your own.


Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any questions.

Mihail Moderator
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Yes, that is a very important feature to me, too . I use Deezer for years, which offers everything I need ( sorting, filtering, managing music…plus their own audiobook app). But since their Flow (= like discover/your mixtape) algorithm is not as good as Spotify‘s I just tried Spotify again (having left years ago when my collection exceeded the maximum of 10,000 songs). But now I try my first song search and I can‘t see at a glance the length or version of the songs?! I‘m very disappointed. This might be a deal breaker for serious music fans (and collectors since my youth quite a while ago). 

It is now June 2022 and Spotify has STILL NOT managed to implement something as simple as sorting (A-Z, Z-A, etc.) for the search results (again). Moreover, it is still not possible to automatically sort nested folders/playlists by A-Z.

Honestly, guys! That's standard in every music management programme, no matter how cheap, and you can't get it right? Seriously?

Spotify for Windows in particular has one of the worst ways to sort and manage your lists/songs/searches that I know of and I've been through a few programs.

Why should people suggest such a standard feature as a "new idea" when a) the feature already existed, so it's anything but new, and b) it's an absolute standard that shouldn't even have to be suggested because it has to be there.

They pretty much don’t care. In fact, they said this “feature” didn’t receive enough votes to consider for implementation—excuse me, re-implementation—and so it was closed. Makes you wonder what Spotify’s tech team does all day long anyhow…

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