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Can't start radio on any device or web player

Can't start radio on any device or web player







Mac book pro, onePlus 3t

Operating System

macOS mojave 10.14.6, Android version 9


My Question or Issue
As of today I'm unable to start radios for playlists or songs across all my devices including the web player. Clicking the radio button either spins and does nothing or shows an error message saying the radio can't be played. 

I've tried:

- restarting my macbook

- restarting my android
- Clean re-install on mac including clearing the cache

- Use mobile web player

- Use Wifi on android

- Use cell network on android


Nothing works, there's no way this can be a local caching issue if its present across every device and network. It's especially telling if it also doesn't work on the web player. What's going on?

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Magically started working after hours of trying to fix it. What I think triggered it is the autoplay when the last song in a playlist finishes... after that happened it started playing a random song and then all my radios started working again. Janky as **bleep**.

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