Cannot sort songs on individual artist pages in "Your Music" .


Cannot sort songs on individual artist pages in "Your Music" .

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I am unable to sort the individual artistpages under "Artist" in "Your Music". For some reason on my PC and my Macbook the songs are sorted in a complete random order, not even the order they were added in after saved. 

On my phone (Samsung Galaxy S8) app the songs are atleast sorted by album.

On PC and Mac the header above the songs saying "#", "Title", "Album" and "time when added", are grayed out and unclickable so i cant sort my artist-list in any way on those devices. The "Songs" page in "Your Music" is sortable as usual by title, artist, etc, so why not the artistpages?

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Re: Cannot sort songs on individual artist pages in "Your Music" .


Hey @rockborris.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this on the Community, and apologies for the late reply!


The songs under each artist in the Artists tab are sorted according to how recently the song was added, with the song at the top being added most recently. This is currently expected behaviour.

If, however, you would like a sorting feature to be implemented, you can create an idea in the Ideas Exchange here and get others to vote for it. If it garners enough votes, then Spotify might consider implementing it in the future!

Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any other questions 🙂

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