Cant see what songs are in my playlist


Cant see what songs are in my playlist


I am from Canada and have the student plan. I use IOS and Mac OS for spotify.


This is my question and issue.


I have a lot of music as well everyone does. I like keeping my music organized in playlists. Having songs in different playlists and even in the same playlist. However my issue is what i would like to know how i can see what songs are in what playlist. When i go through my entire library i want to see what songs are where. For example "song 1" is in R&B playlist. 


Issues arise when i try to organize my music as a song could be forgotten to be put in a playlist and i would not even know. The duplication feature only helps me to know if it is in the playlist. But there is nothing to show where it is. 


I am looking for a feature that shows what songs are in what playlists without going through every single songs (playlists can be very big).


I need help and this is a simple thing to help organizes 100's of songs. If there is anything let me know if not we need to talk to spotify.


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Re: Cant see what songs are in my playlist


Hey there @melles99,


Thanks for reaching out with your feedback here in the Community and welcome!


Unfortunately, there isn't currently a feature like the one you mention available in the app. 


This was an idea that was already suggested in the past here in the Community. We'd recommend taking a look here for more info regarding this. 


However, you can always find songs you're looking for in playlists. There's more steps to try on your device in this Spotify Answer.


Hope this helps clarify things! Don't hesitate to let us know if there's anything else we can help with.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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