Casting to Chromecast Audio

Casting to Chromecast Audio

I usually use Spotify on my phone, however I decided to download the app onto my MacBook Pro. I have several google home's and a chrome cast audio, and I usually just start the music and then cast to one of these devices. However, when I go to the cast tab on my Mac, it does not show any devices to cast to, and instead shows a "Learn More" button. This is simply a link to the Spotify website. I have tried deleting and redownloading the app several times with no success. I did find success, however, in using the online Spotify web player. I was able to sign in and cast using that, using the same MacBook Pro, which confused me even more why the app would not show any devices to cast on. Any ideas for why this still fails to work?



MacBook Pro

Operating System

macOS Catalina


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