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Certain parts of tracks too quiet

Certain parts of tracks too quiet

In most songs the mix isn't correct as it is with the real thing. Certain solos/riffs/ parts are heard very distant in the background. Nothing is wrong with any speakers as this occurs on all platforms I use Spotify with. YouTube or direct mp3 files play correctly so it's only on Spotify.


An example to listen to is Hiss Golden Messenger - Super Blue. The main guitar riff isn't in the front of the mix as it is in all other platforms of the song. This occurs on a lot of tracks from a lot of different bands I listen too whether I'm listening on my phone, laptop, or desktop.


Any idea what the deal is?

2 Replies

Got a link to the track on Spotify and on another source for comparison?

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What it should sound like -


What it sounds like on Spotify - Hiss Golden Messenger – Super Blue (Two Days Clean)


this isn't the only song or band this happens with. but its always consistant.

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