Chat with Spotify Support. Limit in library. 10000

Chat with Spotify Support. Limit in library. 10000







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Yesterday I chatted with Spotify support. In the conversation I said my doubts about the operation of the new "Your Library". They have told me this:


"G: Summing up
G: I can have in "Your library":
G: 10000 songs
G: 10000 albums
G: and I can follow an unlimited number of artists
G: is it correct?
M (Spotify support): That's right "


Someone can confirm that this is the case. I'm still not very sure. If this is confirmed, it is a step forward.

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So there is a 10,000 song limit on your library. There's a bit more information regarding albums and the limit in this post: So there's not a separate limit for albums, as those count towards the 10,000 song limit. 


Hope this helps! 



Thanks for the reply.


If that is correct there are several options:


a) Spotify's official support has lied to me.
b) Spotify's official support does not know what it is talking about.
c) Spotify has employees who cheat their clients.
d) I am paying a company that has 0 consideration for its users.


None of them I like.


Then I will act accordingly.



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