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Collaborative playlist usability issues

Collaborative playlist usability issues

Plan: Premium

Country: USA


Device: Issue on Macbook Air but replicated on Lenovo laptops

OS: Issue on MacOS but also replicated on Windows 10


I've shared a link to a collaborative playlist with a few friends and unfortunately, the process for adding to the playlist isn't super user-friendly, rather frustrating, and violates user expectations for how this should all work. 


The short is that you can't seem to add to a collaborative playlist unless you're on the desktop app. This is troublesome. However, finding the collaborative playlist on your desktop app isn't easy. This is also troublesome and makes the process even worse.


Collaborators can't add to the collaborative playlist from the web app. From the web app, when a user right-clicks a song and then clicks "add to playlist," they only get the option to add to playlists they've created. They don't have the option to add to a collaborative playlist someone else has created. This is true even when the collaborator has followed the collaborative playlist. 


To find the collaborative playlist on the desktop app, you can do so by Spotify URI (but this seems clunky and I suspect not the way most people share or search on Spotify) OR you can find it in your playlists IF you followed the playlist in the web app first (presumably because a link was shared with you). Apparently, you can't search for collaborative playlists by name anymore. 


Stepping through the flow from the beginning...


If a URL is shared with you, you'd have to click on the link, follow the playlist in the web app, and then from the desktop app (DLing it if you don't already have it) add the song you want. I don't think many people would figure this out?




The creator has to share the playlist by Spotify URI and from there you can find the playlist in the desktop app (again, DLing it if you don't already have it) and then add the song you want. I also don't' think many people would figure this out?


Am I missing something?

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