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Collaborative playlists have changed and people can't join

Collaborative playlists have changed and people can't join

Recently a change in the desktop mac UI for collaborative playlists has created chaos in my group. I run a weekly music challenge and previously all I had to do was make the playlist collaborative and share the link. Now, I get varying results and issues from my group who can't join or add songs to the playlist after following the link that is provided when I hit the "Person+" icon or the "invite collaborators" link in the dropdown. Both UI options give me different URLs every time I click the link - I assume this must reset the route in, or time out and so I have to keep sharing the latest URL. It's clunky UX and makes it so much harder to share and allow people to join.

Anyone else had this issue?
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Hey carolinepixels,


Check out my idea submission to bring back the "Make Collaborative" Feature + vote on it if you're missing it too!


A lot of us are having the same issue - they have removed the option to make a playlist collaborative, so unfortunately you have to invite specific people to join the playlist. Obviously this isn't the way a lot of us used the feature, as we allowed whoever found our playlist to add / change it.

If enough of us vote on the idea to bring the feature back, they may just implement having both so we can enjoy using Spotify again!


VOTE HERE to bring back the original Collaborative Playlists:

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