Crashing, and it's the GAP ad with the video causing it

Crashing, and it's the GAP ad with the video causing it

I'm new to Spotify (a whole 4 hours now!) and I'm already having constant crashes.


I've seen other users with complaints that the discover page makes the app crash. Mine does too, and it's reproducible. There's a GAP ad banner at the top with a video that plays. When the video ends, Spotify crashes. I've done it ten times in a row now. On a different page everything is fine for me.


I don't know how that might be affecting premium users, though. Perhaps there's failsafe code not working and it's letting through more things than just a bad ad. 


Edit to add:

It's not just the GAP ad. There's a Samsung Galaxy ad that crashes Spotify when it's done and there's others that do it too.

OSX 10.8.4




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Hi, and welcome to the community!


Intereting, I'm premium so I can't confirm as we don't get ads (answering your sub question as such), so I'll escalate it to the staff so they can look into it.

Have you tried a quick Clean reinstallation of Spotify?

Does the web player work OK for you? That might be a temporary solution for desktop Spotify.


Meanwhile, anyone else that has it, please post your:

1) Device

2) OS

3) Spotify version


Anthony 🙂

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My OS and Spotify versions are in the edited version of my original post. It's a macbook pro. The web player works fine.


Did the reinstall. Everything was fine until that GAP ad showed up. It wasn't there until I started playing a song. Then it showed up and as soon as that video ended spotify crashed again.


I hope the staff see this soon because I *really* want to know if getting rid of that ad will stabilize Spotify for me! 🙂

Hey @cmcornelius 🙂 


Would you be able to try following the steps here to add an exception for the advert in flash to see if that makes any difference? 



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Nope, didn't help. 😕

I'm having the same issue.  I must have spent an hour troubleshooting and I reinstalled Spotify on my MacBook Pro running OSX 10.7.5 a half-dozen times before I figured out the GAP ad was the cause.  I have the same Spotify version as the original poster.


Here's the workaround I figured out:


1. Click the speaker icon on the Gap ad video

2. Click the pause button on the ad

3. Enjoy Spotify!


It sucks that a buggy ad was the cause of such frustration.  I'd like to see Spotify ensure they only accept advertisements that won't cause horrible user experiences.

Reproducable on three Windows based machine.. Windows 8, Windows 7, & Windows 7.

I'm just sitting back and laughing at this point, it takes a special kind of "screwed up" to make a cross platform crash that not only takes out Windows, but also OS X.


Okay, tested so far..

Windows 7 Twice

Windows 8

Windows 8.1

Mac OS X 10.8.5


(Unable to reproduce in Linux, jumped the gun there a bit. )

Actually, I never clicked on the ad, so I never even saw a pause button! I feel kind of silly for not realizing that myself.


As you say, though, it's amazing something like a faulty ad would crash an app. If you're going to have an ad that is continually shown to most or all non-paying members, it's a good idea to do at least a little sanity check on it first. I hate to judge fellow developers because I know how difficult it can be. But my opinion is that the development team needs to give testing a higher priority because I'm fairly sure it's near the bottom of the list right now. 😕


People aren't going to pay for a service that doesn't work well. 

my spotify is crashing but i don't see any video


Hey. I have Spotify premium playing on my PC and a wireless Sonos speaker. Spotify radio or playlist keeps stopping. restarts or I have to press play again or nothing at all for ages????

I'm having the same issues. It won't even allow me to do anything. It's so frustrating

Hey. Thanks for replying. I'm using premium that doesn't have ads or does it?

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