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Crashing on startup/search issues


Crashing on startup/search issues


Hi all,


A number of users are experiencing some Spotify issues at the moment - crashing on startup, search not working, etc.


Could you help us out by posting the following info:


-- Operating system(s) affected

-- Version of Spotify

-- Country


Thanks everyone. The more accurate info we can collect the faster we can get this fixed.


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Yeah either you fixed it or it was a playlist I deleted from the browser but it works now. Fingers crossed that it stays that way but I feel like it's resolved, thanks!


I need for it too!!!! It crashes on Win 7 only, no problems on Ubuntu! Thx!


-- Operating system(s) affected: Mac OS X 10.6.8

-- Version of Spotify:

-- Country: France 

Gig Goer


Crashes on launch, or goes to notification tray and crashes when I mouse over it.


Problem started this week on Windows 8. Reinstalled latest versions of everything Spotify, Flash, ... but problem remains.




-- Operating system(s) affected: Windows 7 Professional

-- Version of Spotify: Newest

-- Country: USA 


Windows 7 64 bit

Uninstalled Flash

Uninstalled Spotify

Reinstalled Flash

Resintalled Spotify


spotify ge7405149
United States


Still crashing when launched. 

Casual Listener

Windows 8 64Bit

Spotify version


I'm in the UK


Random crashes. Sometimes on startup. Sometimes when playing a song or selecteing a playlist. Anything can trigger it.

Tried reinstalling.

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@hollowaxis wrote:

Windows 8 64Bit

Spotify version


I'm in the UK


Random crashes. Sometimes on startup. Sometimes when playing a song or selecteing a playlist. Anything can trigger it.

Tried reinstalling.

Are you using Spotify free or do you have a subscription? 



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-- Windows 7 64 bit -- AND -- Windows XP SP2


-- Belgium


As of last night the Spotify client no longer works on my MBPR.  It either pops up the window and immediately disappears; or opens the main window frame - but doesn't populate the "content" section and sits spinning.


I've tried the good old fashioned reboot and followed the instructions for re-installing the client on OS X.  The behaviour following the re-install is identical to the behaviour before the re-install.


System profile: MBPR/OS X 10.8.4

Spotify version:


I'm a Spotify Premium customer.


I have hang logs available if required.


Mine crashes as soon as I click on it since today.

I've tried to reinstall, but I can't even uninstall, I get the same error message as when I try to start it up, so I deleted all files manually and reinstalled. Still with no succes.


I'm using Windows Vista x64 (Yes I know, vista sucks, I'm getting a new pc in a few weeks)

I have a premium account, and I live in the Netherlands

Casual Listener


Same problem here as well. Tried a re-install per the instructions and the client is hanging. The only way it doesn't hang is if there is no internet connection... on Mac Mini, 10.7.5, latest spotty client grabbed from website today.


I am using the web client but it is quite unreliable with random hiccups during playback. 


Interestingly, I don't have this issue on my MBPro : Spotty ver, OSX 10.8.4



Casual Listener

Full subscription. £9.99 a month


Random crashing issues at various points in use.  Windows 7 desktop.  I am a premium customer in the U.S.

Music Fan

I'm having similar random crashing while listening the app will spontaneously go down. Running version on Windows7 64Bit. I am a premium user. 

This happens multiple times throughout a day of listening. It is always the same error. Is there an official bug tracker that we can submit crash dumps to?


Crash dump follows:

Dump Summary
Dump File: [REDACTED]
Last Write Time: 8/14/2013 1:50:18 PM
Process Name: spotify.exe : [REDACTED]
Process Architecture: x86
Exception Code: 0xC0000005
Exception Information: The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.
Heap Information: Not Present

System Information
OS Version: 6.1.7601
CLR Version(s):


Casual Listener
Version 6.6.270
SAMSUNG SIII - Android 4.1.2


Casual Listener

is there anyone that i can actually speak to regarding this? All this messaging crap is hurting my head - all i know is that is was working 2 days ago and now for some reason i cant get past the login stage - it tries to load and nothing happens and this forum is not telling me what is wrong with this darn thing 😞



Are there any fixes to this for mac users?! I just bought an nus extra card entirely for the discount on spotify premium but it's completely useless to me with spotify just crashing on start up! My username is tylero - i'm not sure if you can use that to do any sort of clean up from your end. 



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This worked for me 


1) Place your current spotify app in the trash. 

2) Use spotlight (top right) and search for 'spotify'. There are a bunch of system files which are left behind. Put them all in the trash

3) Empty your trash

4) Reinstall


The instructions for a clean install on Spotty's website erroneously tell you to go to the Library directory to erase some files. I didn't find any such files there but searching in Spotlight found all of them. I suspect just doing step (2) above might be enough alone but I didn't try that. 


A confirm/deny that this works for you would be handy for others I'm sure. 




Operating system: Mac OSX, 10.7.5

Spotify Version:

Country: United States of America


Crashes when trying to search or when I click on an artist's name to go to their page. I tried reinstalling (and getting rid of any extraneous files that were connected to spotify) but it didn't fix the issue. The program is still usable but I can't look up any new songs.