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Crossfade when FFWDing Tracks Producing Unexpected Results

Crossfade when FFWDing Tracks Producing Unexpected Results


South Africa



Mac Book Pro Late 2016

Operating System:

OS X El Capitan



- As a Spotify User
- When I have enabled crossfade on my Spotify
- And I fast forward a song
- It starts playing at an arbitrary time
- I suspect this is because it's trying to do some smart beat-matching.

Expected Result
- As a Spotify User
- When I have enabled crossfade on my Spotify
- And I fast forward a song

- And I have not enabled smart beat matching (or crossfade on FFWD?)

- The next song starts at the beginning

Steps to reproduce:
- I was listening to the Drum & Bass Fix Playlist
- My crossfade songs was set to 3 seconds
- Move song to some arbitrary time in the track

- Fast forward the song
- Rinse + repeat
- Observe songs starting at arbitrary times.

For me, this violates the POLS - not sure how you folks feel about it.


See gif for more context:


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Hey @TorakFirenze,


Are you still experiencing this? Is this only happening with one playlist? If so, let us know its URI and we'l have a closer look.


Thanks! 🙂


I'm having the same issue. I don't have crossfading enabled, and I tried enabling it and setting it to 0 seconds, but it keeps crossfading an fast-forwarding the song to some random time.


This is a playlist where it happens for example:



This seems to be something new or experimental by Spotify. There's already an idea posted to add an option to turn this sort of crossfading off.

As a workaround I think you might be able to turn this crossfading off by disabling gapless playback and restarting the app but I can't guarantee that it'll work .

Not sure where to find gapless playback, nor do I consider this a solution to the issue - it's a [potential] workaround. 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion all the same!

Hey! Thanks for the response.

Haven't actually enabled crossfade since I reported this as it was bugging me - but this was the playlist I was listening to:


I'm having this issue as well, so far it's just on any of my playlists. Sometimes I don't notice it though.


My issue is when a playlist plays, when it moves to the next song it wont start at the start of the song. today it was at 1min 18seconds when i noticed it. If I press to go the next song manually this issue doesn't occur.


I've experienced this issue accross all my devices; my mac, my iphone, my ipad, browser playback - on google chrome, and on windows desktop player.


I haven't noticed the issue on songs I've downloaded on my devices though.


I don't have crossfade on my mobile devices, I don't know how to find the setting on my desktop and mac apps and I haven't tried on the browser playback. I do know i never had crossfade turned on though.


Is there a solution to this? It's ruining the whole spotify experience for me.

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