Daily Drive Without the News?

Daily Drive Without the News?

So maybe this is an odd question but I really enjoy the music selection I'm getting in the daily drive. I listen to radio rock/metal/metalcore/pop/etc, and my daily mixes have only ever covered 1 genre per mix. With the daily mix, I get a little of everything along with songs I don't have. That said, I have 0 interest in the news and just skip it whenever it pops on. Is there some playlist or setting I'm missing somewhere to get a mix similar to the daily drive with just music so I don't have to hop on Spotify and skip it every few songs?

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Hi Palidino,


I don't think there's a setting you're missing, but you could eliminte all the news segments at once by going to your queue (the symbol with three lines with the play button). There, you can select all the news segments (cmd+click each one on Mac) and then remove them from queue by right-clicking or ctrl+clicking on any selected song and then click "remove from queue." 


Hope this helps! 

Unfortunately, they get re-added once the song changes.

Hi Palidino,


That shouldn't be happening. Are you by any chance re-shuffling the playlist after removing the news from the queue? If so, this will add them back into the queue. 

I go to your daily drive, click play, click the queue, remove the news, and just let it play. They re-appear in the queue without me doing anything else with spotify.

Hey @Palidino,


Thanks for the clarification. Does this only happen on desktop, or is it happening if you remove them from the queue on mobile as well? 


A couple of things to try: 

-restart the app

-restart the device 

-log out of your account and then back in (either on the app or logging out of all devices via your Spotify account page)

-clean reinstall of the app


If none of these help, we'll go from there. 

I don't really use Spotify on mobile, mostly just Mac/Alexa. I'll give your suggestions a try though.

I don't pay a premium membership to have NEWS in my music playlists!!! At the bare minimum give me a way to disable news content when suggesting new songs for my daily drive.

Its very ANNOYING!

Agreed, getting slapped with news is extremely frustrating – esp from the same angle over and over.

Yeah, this is bull****, I don't want this garbage in my feed. Especially from CNN the Criminal News Network. How do we get rid of this? 

Hey folks,


Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the Community!


We see that other users have wen't ahead and already created an idea about introducing the option to customize your Daily Drive. You can add your support there by up-voting the idea. We'll inform on any developments there, as soon  as there are any. So make sure to subscribe, if you haven't already. 


The Idea Exchange is a great way for us to keep track of what changes our users are interested in and how popular a certain idea is. This page explains how exactly your feedback reaches Spotify.


Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any questions.

Mihail Moderator
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I love the music.  I don’t want the spoken word items.  Please allow me to remove them!  Thanks.

"We see that other users haven't **gone** ahead"

That would be a great improvement.  


Annoying to have your music interrupted. 

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