[Daily Mix] What happened to dislikes?


[Daily Mix] What happened to dislikes?

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With one of the most recent updates, my Daily Mixes were all thrown for a complete redo. I'm seeing all sorts of music I may have listened to a while back that are now taking priority. I also can't dislike the song to help fine-tune the list. (The dislike option is no longer available.)


I've done a complete uninstall/reinstall of the desktop application and nothing has changed. Is this a new "feature"?




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Re: [Daily Mix] What happened to dislikes?


Hi cyb0lt,

I just updated my Mac Desktop App and can no longer even access my Daily Mix radios. After playing around a little more, it seems that all radio features (song radio, artist radio, etc.) are not working. I'm curious if radios are being phased out alltogether or if Spotify is working on something new.

Re: [Daily Mix] What happened to dislikes?

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Hi @cyb0lt


This is intended behaviour of Daily Mix. 

The Daily Mixes have been limited to 50 songs each and the dislike button has been removed. 


If you want to see that feature back, you're always welcome to submit your Idea here

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