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Daily Mix favorites - How do I find those after I favorite them?

Daily Mix favorites - How do I find those after I favorite them?

Plan = Premium

Country = USA



MacBook Air

Operating System

iOS 10.13.6 (High Sierra)


My Question or Issue:

I like a lot of songs in my Daily Mixes by clicking the 'heart' icon, but now I don't know where I can find those songs. I see they are not added to the 'liked from radio' list since it's not a radio station I'm listening to, and they are not added to my library because I didn't hit the +, so where can I find those?


3 Replies

Hi @SheyOliver and welcome to the Community! 🙂
When you heart a song in Daily Mix, it adds the song to Your Library. The song you hearted should be found in the Your Library>Songs section.
If you aren't seeing this happen on your desktop app, you may want to try a fresh install. You could also check the web browser version or mobile apps to see if it functions properly there.
Hope this helps and have a great day! 🙂

Thank you!! I had looked in my Songs section and didn't see them, but then I did an update for the desktop player and relaunched it and just checked it again and there they are! Thanks for helping out so quickly!

Hey @SheyOliver ! 
You're very welcome! That's wonderful news and always happy to help! 
Enjoy your music! 😄

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