Damaged ears due to loud adverts and ear phones


Damaged ears due to loud adverts and ear phones




I have been using Spotify for many years now and enjoy it very much. I don't mind the adverts, they aren't too frequent and are easy to put up with. Apart from, I have just found out,  when you are listening with earphones. 


I have been listening via earphones on, actually a very low volume,  because my partner and I are creating secret playlists and we didn't want our music to spoil the surprise.


Not once but twice, my ears have been painfully blasted by adverts. I had to literally yank the earbuds out of my ears. And on the second time I got this searing pain in both ears. It has been  20/30 mins now and my ears are still ringing. 


I'm quite upset that Spotify could be so careless with their sound levels and potentially put their listeners hearing at risk.


My ears hurt. I know it sounds dramatic but at first I'd thought they had bled!!


Does anyone actually reply to these messages or is it just for us moaners?!




Now half-deaf Patti!





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Re: Damaged ears due to loud adverts and ear phones


I get ya! I got my ears damaged just now after there was a terrible glitch in the audio, and a very intense noise went all the way into my inner ears. Not during the ads, but actually during the music playback!!!!


I thnin spotify does not care about your ear health, just your money....