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Delete/Backspace button unsaves song

Delete/Backspace button unsaves song

In the Songs tab it is not the most obvious when the cursor is active in the search bar and often I press Delete/Backspace when I have a song selected in my list, which by default unsaves the song. I have noticed I have lost a significant number of songs because of this feature, but I am sure there are more songs I am unaware have been removed.


I strongly suggest that the Delete/Backspace button removing songs feature to be removed, or the user has the ability to turn this feature off.


Please let me know if this issue will be considered.







MacBook Pro 2018 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7

Operating System

macS High Sierra Version 10.13.6


1 Reply

I'm just bumping this thread to reaffirm that this behavior is absolutely terrible, to say the least. 


SPOTIFY- FFS PLEASE REMOVE THIS AS DEFAULT BEHAVIOR OR AT LEAST ADD A SETTING TO DISABLE THIS BEHAVIOR FFS.  This is ruining peoples playlists they've curated over many many years, you can't even tell what song(s) got removed and it ruins the history of your playlists even if you can find what song(s) got deleted/removed and add them back which is painstaking at best, wth?...This literally has to be one of the most moronic "features" I've ever witnessed in software.

4 YEARS LATER since this persons post and STILL NO WAY TO DISABLE THIS IDIOCY.

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