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Demon Days Track Listing is wrong

Demon Days Track Listing is wrong






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 So Ive been using spotify for about 2 years and ive loved the expirience although ive been thinking about switich back to itunes. One of my favorite albums Demon Days by Gorillaz is totally wrong in the tracks duriation and endings all the songs that are supposed to flow dont even flow. intro is supposed to flow into last living souls, dirty harry is supposed to flow into feel good inc, all alone is supposed to flow into white light, dont get lost in heaven is supposed to flow into demon days, and what makes it even worse is that the sound in each of those songs that are used to connect them are removed and the times of each song are longer then theyre supposed to be intro is supposed to be 1:03 not 1:07 it ruines everything. ive tried to contact spotify support but all they do is the classic "we see the problem and will send this to the higher ups if this is fixed it will take more then 4 days" its been a month since ive gotten that and nothings happened please tell me there is a way to actualy get them to respond and fix it

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Hey @IKal.


Thanks for reaching out on the Community about this. 


That's not cool! We recommend you check out this support page which will provide you with the next steps to follow.


Let us know how it goes! 





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