Desktop App Testing Needs To Stop NOW!


Desktop App Testing Needs To Stop NOW!

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So it is quite clear that a random group of people are being used as guinea pigs for marketing testing via the desktop app. This is farcical and simply unacceptable. Myself and many others pay good money for this service, in which every is entitled to the same features and benefits. Those unaware should know that Spotify has changed some people's desktop apps into the online player - which has next to zero features. On my desktop app i cannot change my playlist photo, playlist description, can't see the date of when i've added songs to playlist, cannot see any friend activity whatsoever, the design and layout is impractical and I CANNOT EVEN SEE MY OWN PROFILE - WHO I FOLLOW AND WHO FOLLOWS ME. This is absolutely ridiculous. For months now people have been making posts about this issue and it is simply not good enough. The testing has to stop now and everyone's desktop apps must go back to normal. NOW. We are all entitled to all of the features Spotify gives us. Who in their right mind thought that this would be a good idea???? Everyone who is affected is complaining about it ! For the few that might like it - USE THE WEB PLAYER - stop ruining it for the vast majority and give us the Spotify we all know and love back ! I can't understand how much lack of common sense is on show here. How on Earth could removing features on people's accounts make them enjoy the service more???? Are you serious !! It is simply a joke. Enough is enough. END THIS RIGHT NOW. NOW.

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Sounds like petition title 😄 😄


Hey @LeonKyriakos


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


Spotify is often testing and this means you might see something different on the app, or get different features to try only temporarily. It'd be great for you to check this Spotify Answer for more info about test features.


Regarding this, there's a Community Idea suggesting the option to allow switching between the previous and the current look of your Desktop app. You can take a look at it here if you'd like to know more. Make sure to add your +VOTE as well as subscribe to stay up-to-date with all the related developments.


Hope you'll find this helpful!

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like joe pesci in my cousin vinny said "everything that guy just said **bleep**" 


that guy being "mario"

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We need to request a refund for the time this this bs reductive test has happened.