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Desktop App loads very slowly and music often does not play

Desktop App loads very slowly and music often does not play



For the past few weeks I'm having enormous trouble listening to music on Spotify on my mac. Whenever I click on a page in the desktop app, I see an endless wheel until I eventually give up. I'm pretty much limited to songs in my playlist and songs I saved. Everything else works occasionally, but it's really hit or miss.

The phone app works fine. Using the phone app and playing songs on my mac, however, does not work. It shows the song in the bottom left and the play button is active, but the song does not play. It's like the app hung up. It takes ~15-20 minutes until a song plays. My internet connection is very fast (> 100Mb/s).

Here's what I tried to solve the issue:


1) I deleted the cache items (removed all entries in Data and Browser Library/Chaches/com.spotify.client/) and restarted Spotify.

2) I disabled hardware acceleration

3) I closed all other apps on my machine and run it right after a fresh reboot.


[3) And yes.. I have restarted the apps and my mac many many many times.]







  Mac late 2016)

Operating System

iOS 10

 Spotify client version



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