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Desktop Mac App Performance is absolutely atrocious

Desktop Mac App Performance is absolutely atrocious

Hi Spotify,


This has been going on far too long. The persistant cache building and reindexing/rebuilding is rendering my desktop app almost useless. I have to go and find the folder, wipe it and restart Spotify manually.


This quick fix worked for a while, but it's less effective now. 


Loading up Spotify on El Capitain can take up to 10-20 minutes per day as it tries to load friend activity and the central panel. I can play music, but can't see albums or search. As I type the friend activity has now loaded after 10 mins but the browser still doesn't work - blank.


You need an overhaul of this desktop app, because it clearly doesn't work anymore.

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No replies, and also your forum has been hacked. Looking good.

Same thing here,


Since High Sierra update, I can't even scroll without frozing during the scroll, I click on the Play/Pause button, the music play/pause accordingly but the button doesn't change its appearance.


During scroll, the spotify app and helper take up to 45 % of my Core i7 processor. it seems quite excessive for listening some music!


The spotify is not usable in those conditions !

No response from Spotify.

Without clearing the cache (which doesn't really matter), it seems that the more playlists and devices you have, the more load time to get all the data.


I fired up Spotify Mac Desktop at 9am this morning, and it is still completely unresponsive at 10.39am. The web player is fine.


You have a problem with your app, Spotify. You need to sort this out.

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