[Desktop][Other] Podcast glitch, skips playback

[Desktop][Other] Podcast glitch, skips playback


So my podcast won't play, there seems to be a glitch and it just skips all playback and goes to the next episode. It started with just one, but the more I've messed around trying to fix it, the more episodes that now seem to be affected. 


I'm listening on the Mac desktop app, but I also tested it on my android phone. Neither work. I tried uninstalling Spotify and reinstalling, and I just updated versions this morning. 


Spotify versions: Mac desktop, Android

Podcast: Root of Evil

Mac OS: High Sierra 10.13.3

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S9 running Android OS 9



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I'm having issues with 3 of the episodes not playing either. It is the same on my phone and computer. I've tried reinstalling both devices and nothing is working.

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