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[Desktop] Please either fix desktop bugs on Mac or allow a way to go back to previous version

[Desktop] Please either fix desktop bugs on Mac or allow a way to go back to previous version

I am on Mac desktop version with Mac OS version 10.13.6.  Several weeks ago, I noticed the desktop app interface had changed significantly, and I reported several bugs in a different thread (e.g., can't drag songs up in a playlist to re-order, doesn't prevent adding duplicate songs to playlists, etc.).  The more I use the version I have, the more frustrated I am that the bugs have not been fixed, there's no information about a fix coming, and there's no way to revert back to previous version.


So, my request is simple:  either fix the bugs or allow me to go back to a previous version.



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YESSSS!!! I am experiencing the same issues with the Windows app.  For the dragging of playlists, I've noticed that they have to exist in my playlist overnight before I can drag them to reorder them around correctly. The prevention of adding duplicate songs is terrible now.  I've literally added the exact same song to the same playlist twice within a few minutes to test it because Spotify chat said that I must have been trying to add a different song (like off a different album or an acoustic version) and I do not get the duplicate song notification.  The other bug that is driving me nuts is when you use the back button, it no longer will go to the same spot in the page you were on previously if you had a song selected in the playlist like it used to.  So if I have a playlist that's 1,000 songs, it puts me back at the top instead of where I was at before.  Spotify chat told me that it had always functioned that way but it definitely didn't.

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