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Desktop app won't download or play local files on devices

Desktop app won't download or play local files on devices






(iPhone XR, Macbook Pro late 2011)

Operating System

(iOS 10, )


I'm having a problem I hope someone can help with.  


The desktop app shows local files and plays them just fine, that have been put into playlists.


The download switch is on, yet despite that all of the local files have the small download arrow (which, when you hover over with the mouse, says "local file") next to each one.

Which means that they won't download and play through the car play (because they won't download to the iPhone), although the title quickly flashes on the screen before moving to the next song, which does play (as long as it's not a local file).


I also have a Sonos system, and any local files are greyed out as well and won't play.


Can anyone help?  I've flipped the switches, closed and reopened the app (both desktop and mobile).  Checked the settings and they all seem in order.  Everything but uninstalling and reinstalling (which would suck, because I'd lose all my playlists, which I've spent many hours builidng and refining).


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