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Different version of songs

Different version of songs






iPad / Macbook Pro 2011 / Moto G5 Plus

Operating System

iOS 12.3 / macOS High Shierra / Android Oreo 8.1.0


I am not sure why Spotify always changes the version of a song when I try to listen to it. There are some songs with 2 versions, solo and with a collaboration, but when I try to listen to the second one, Spotify plays the solo version. For example, my sister likes Hannah Montana and David Archuleta "I Wanna Know You", but Spotify always plays the solo version. The same happened with other songs. Do any of you know why or what can I do? That happens in my laptop, cellphone and iPad.


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Hey @fcoantonio10, welcome to the Community.

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This could be because artists often release a song as a single then include it in their album resulting in 2 "different" songs. Then you have the explicit versions and the clear version of that song adding up to 4. Same goes for the song you are looking for, it seems like the artist has both versions on their album: their album


Is this the song you're trying to play?

this the song

Let me know how it goes 🙂

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