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Disable The "Up Next" Suggestions When Playing Albums via the Queue

Disable The "Up Next" Suggestions When Playing Albums via the Queue

So I select an album to play and add it to the queue. I'm a bit old-school so like listening to the albums as they were when I bought them originally.
Unfortunately Spotify thinks it knows better than me and decides it'll add about 10+ tracks it thinks I should listen too as well. This despite having Autoplay switched off.
Please DO NOT tell me it's a feature - it's a bug and one Spotify should have sorted out. I have also tried it on multiple devices and 3 different computers.
So over to you Spotify...your move!
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Hi @Musicsouth!


That's odd. Is it possible that you had some leftover tracks in the queue from a previous listening session? Could you try playing something new so that the queue resets (if it doesn't, use Cmd+A to select all songs, then right-click > Remove from queue), then adding a new album to the queue to see if you'd still get the same issue?


If you haven't already, it's worth performing a clean reinstall of the app to give it a fresh start by following the steps in this article, as it may help here. In case the issue persists, please share a short screen recording which captures this behavior in action along with the following info so we can investigate further:

Keep us posted on this. Cheers!

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