Discover Weekly Hasn't Updated Since 2015, Nothing Syncs


Discover Weekly Hasn't Updated Since 2015, Nothing Syncs


I've been a spotify member since 2015, and when I recently (this month) signed up for premium, I expected a little more, like updated Discover playlists and syncing between phone and desktop apps (recently played, playlists, etc.)


I have tried going offline and online again with restart on both desktop and mobile, have tried unfollowing and following discover weekly, have done a clean reinstall of spotify on desktop twice... Any other ideas??  PLEASE HELP!

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Re: Discover Weekly Hasn't Updated Since 2015, Nothing Syncs

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Hey @whydobirds


Have you been playing music a lot for the last few weeks? Discover Weekly only updates if you are actively using Spotify.


Check out this support article:


Discover Weekly only becomes available once you’ve actively used Spotify for at least 2 weeks. You need to keep listening to music to generate recommendations, so be sure to regularly play what you love!

Note: Anything played privately doesn’t count towards Discover Weekly’s recommendations.

Also, listening directly from your Discover Weekly playlist won’t influence your future suggestions. If you want your favorite Discover Weekly songs to count towards your listening history, save them to a playlist, or listen to them elsewhere in the app.

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