Download entire listening history


Download entire listening history


I want to see if i can download my entire histroical listening history in a csv file to analyse and see patterns. Completely personal use and it is my own data. Is this possible?

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Hi @sharansunil and welcome to the Community! 🙂

Unfortunately, this is not an option in Spotify. Have you looked into any tracking websites like Last.Fm? It will track your Spotify listening history from the date of your sign up/account link and give you awesome in-depth stats for free.
I highly recommend it if you haven't. 🙂


It seems that you can download your personal data now at the bottom of this page, at least for the last 90 days:


The streaming history is in json format as the other files in the zip package and indeed goes back only 90 days.

It took 24 hours to send me the download link to the file, by the way.