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Downloaded music keeps being deleted

Downloaded music keeps being deleted

I'm posting this issu again, mods keep closing it without providing a solution. 

Every single day my devices always start downloading the music that I already downloaded, and every day the number of song keeps increasing. This is happening through all devices, on my Mac, my iPhone, my S7 and my Windows Laptop too. I've tried and done every single "solution" thath community managers and mods keep posting but the issue only fixes for one to three days and then it comebacks again.


When I'm at work, our WiFi and Wired connections are restricted, Spotify beign one of the affected, so I rely solely on downloaded music, and the reason why I'm paying a Premium subscription, but as soon I arrived home and connect my devices to my connection, they all start dowloading the songs again, and not even old ones, but the new ones that the day before were downloaded.


Mac Desktop AppMac Desktop AppiPhone AppiPhone App

You can see on the attachments how many song are beign downloaded. This number keeps increasing EVERY DAY.

2018-02-04 14.11.55.jpg
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Issue was fixed but today after latest iOS update it arrised again. As you can see in attachments, it’s downloading 600+ songs (basically the entire library) but then my phone shows that Spotify is using 5GB+ of Storage, so is this storage just junk or what? Why it’s downloading everything again?


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